Good Knight  by Kaitlyn Cozza

Hardcover: $25.00

Paperback: $10.99


There is a Dream World and there is a Sandman and a whole kingdom of tooth fairies. The Dream World almost all falls apart at the hands of Prince Grendelmere, the Prince of Nightmares who’s plan is to take control of all the dream knights and break them so his Nightmares can run free and haunt the very children the dream knights protect. Eight year old Penelope Pimm nearly loses her belief in her Teddy Bear, but soon learns the truth of his fate is in her hands one night when Prince Grendelmere’s Nightmares come to kidnap her dream knight. Penelope bravely follows them into the Dream World and embarks on an unlikely quest to rescue her Teddy Bear and all the other dream knights from a terrifying fate.

TU_coverfront_4119Tales Untold by Kaitlyn Cozza

Hardcover: $33.20

Paperback: $18.69



They say there are two sides to every story. There are two sides to every story, no doubt, but there are also more than two sides to a story. Fairy tales have been told and retold throughout time, always praising their worthy heroes. The villains of some of those stories have even been redeemed, but what about those who have been forgotten? The ones who saw the most famous fairy tales from a different point of view? From behind the glass of a mirror or through a file in an academy for Fairy Godmothers? No one ever wondered or cared to know what else they knew other than the fairest of them all.

dragondust cover


Dragon Dust  by Kaitlyn Cozza




Within the Southern Castle, a young prince is shielded from the outside world, due to a curse inflicted on him before birth. Growing up, Prince Dorian yearns to learn the secrets of his desceased father and how to break his lifelong curse. On the night of his sixteenth birthday Prince Dorian is presented with the impending responsibilities of a king. All too soon, disaster strikes when the girl of his dreams is taken and Dorian is otherwise expected to be a prisoner in his own home. Can he manage to embark on a dangerous quest to rescue them both and find his happy ending?