IMG_0290Kaitlyn Cozza is a self-published writer. She writes Children’s to Young Adult (YA) Fiction. Her genre is mainly focused on Fantasy, but some surprises of realistic fiction may be in store. She holds a Bachelors Degree in English from Queens College in Flushing, NY and works as a Marketing Specialist for Barnes and Noble.



IMG_1238Early Years:

Kaitlyn was twelve going on thirteen when she starting writing stories. As a member of her High School’s Varsity Swim Team, she spent a lot of her childhood by the poolside. In between races one day she began the scribblings of what would one day become her novel, “Dragon Dust”. She spent her High School years piecing together the story of Prince Dorian and his adventures.

In the summer of her High School Graduation in 2010, Kaitlyn discovered the site lulu.com and published a paperback of a prequel to “Dragon Dust”. She was happy to find that she could do the process on her own and make profit off of her passion.

College Years:

College Grad Cousins 2016!

In 2012 she completed “Dragon Dust” and published it on lulu, but removed its prequel. After hurricane Sandy that October, her family lost the house to flooding and were all displaced for six months.

In that time Kaitlyn graduated from Nassau Community College in Long Island, NY and received acceptance into Queens College. Since she couldn’t start until her house was rebuilt and the family moved back in she took a semester off and began writing “Tales Untold”. Her second official novel took four years to complete. In June of 2016 she graduated Queens College with her Bachelors Degree in English.


Life After College:

imageKaitlyn has since obtained a retail position with Barnes and Noble and completed her first Children’s novel, “Good Knight”. After learning so much more about creative writing in her college years, she has taken to revising “Dragon Dust” for a new and improved version of the tale. She met the illustrator, Adam Kuhn, for “Good Knight” on the job and hired him for the cover.


Kaitlyn has since obtained a position with Barnes and Noble home office as a Marketing Specialist and completed her novel, “Tales Untold”. In the world of publishing her writing continues to grow and reach more readers.

Work Family

Much more is still to come . . .