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Attention Followers! I have recently set up a new¬†Wattpad account and started publishing stories on there! To access my stories in progress please click on the¬†Wattpad link in the social media tool bar above. You can follow “Dragon Dust” on Wattpad or Tumblr. To follow “Good Knight” please follow the Wattpad link above or go to my Store page and click on the Wattpad link next to the description. All stories published on Wattpad or Tumblr are protected by copyright and are in process of becoming self-published. Once a book is self-published it will be taken down from Wattpad and/or Tumblr to make room for new ones. I hope you enjoy all the future stories to come and I can’t wait to get things started! Happy 2018 everyone!



“A coming-of-age quest”

Dragon Dust

“Being fearful is all about being brave. It’s challenging those fears that completes the definition.”

Good Knight