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Attention Followers! As the warm weather approaches, I am making plans for getting back out in the world! In case you missed it on my social media outlets, I caught a break from the New York winter in early March by going to Disney! We were celebrating my best friend’s college graduation! Congratulations on your Masters in Education Alex Luttinger!

In early May, we will be seeing this lovely lady walk across the stage! 

This June will be my first time going to Book Con! What a way to celebrate my second anniversary of graduating college! With some exploration and research, I may reserve a booth for next year’s Book Con! Stay tuned and prepare to visit my booth!

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Tales Untold: 

They say there are two sides to every story . . .

The stories of famed heroes have been told and then retold and their villains have been redeemed, but what about those who have been forgotten? The ones who saw the stories we all know well from a third point of view? No one ever cared to know what else they knew other than the fairest of them all.


“A coming-of-age quest”

Dragon Dust

“Being fearful is all about being brave. It’s challenging those fears that completes the definition.”

Good Knight